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Expats Financial Solutions: Trusted advisor with your interests at heart

Those who come to live in the Netherlands from abroad often have to deal with regulations on the housing market that are different from what they are used to. Peter Schwippert advises these clients with his company Expats Financial Solutions.

The company name already indicates the purpose of his business - advising and financially relieving expats who are going to live in the Netherlands (mainly because of their work) especially in the steps they take in the housing market.

"There is a great need, especially among this target group, for a trusted advisor who can act as a sparring partner for important and complicated decisions," he knows from experience. "The regulations on homes and mortgage loans in the Netherlands are different in many ways from what these people are used to in their country of origin. As a trusted advisor I am happy to guide them and relieve them of the burden in the often complex process of arranging a mortgage loan.  I act as a sparring partner and enter into dialogue with them and other stakeholders for the best result.

Satisfied customers for whom I have been able to provide a good and future-proof mortgage, that is my mission."
The first meeting takes place via a free and non-binding video call (Teams, Zoom or Skype) lasting 45 to 60 minutes. "During this call, I make a rough inventory of the wishes and future plans", Peter Schwippert outlines his working method. "I inquire about their future plans and give an indication of the maximum mortgage loan amount and the corresponding monthly cost levels. Finally, I present them a brief description of the steps to be taken in the process of a mortgage application and the additional costs involved. After the video call  the client almost always is ready to enter the real estate market.”

Small-scale and personal

For fifteen years, Peter Schwippert worked for a large bank, where serving expats was the main part of his job. "That’s when I noticed that this group of people especially needs a trusted advisor and values such a person accordingly." That is why he started a small-scale, personal and independent advisory office in 2017, on his own account and at his own risk. "A conscious choice, because I want to invest in a long-term relationship with my clients. I am a specialist on mortgage advice, with a strong focus on expats and internationals, although regular clients are also welcome."

Why should clients specifically choose his services and expertise? "I am a certified financial planner (, in possession of all the diplomas that are legally required on the basis of the Financial Supervision Act (WFT in Dutch). In addition, I have several diplomas and recognitions that add an extra layer to my knowledge and skills. I am affiliated to the KiFiD (Financial Services Complaints Institute) and have my own licence from the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). I therefore aim high in terms of knowledge, but for  my clients it is even more important that I am driven to provide him or her with the best mortgage loan offer possible. A mortgage loan that is tailor-made and future-proof.”

Continuing education

The fact that he operates on a small scale does not mean that he is on his own. "I have a network of mortgage advisers with whom I regularly exchange knowledge and cases. Sometimes I present situations from my daily practice to them and vice versa. In this way, we keep each other informed and benefit from each other's knowledge. I also consider this a form of continuing education. Because in this profession you will always learn new things, no matter how experienced you are.

Another plus is that, as an advisor, he is completely independent. This enables him to choose from a wide range of over 25 lenders. "A mortgage is always customized, especially for expats. Therefore it is important that you are free to select the best choices from a wide range of options. Only then the customer and I can work together to get to the best possible mortgage loan advice. An advice that fits your financial situation and future expectations to a tee." The website of Expats Financial Solutions (see below) contains a lot of additional information about all the mortgage types it can offer.

Expats Financial Solutions
Peter Schwippert F.F.P. ®
T (070) 347 3772 / (06) 310 60 525 /

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